Unfortunately, SB 385, the Oregon Lane Sharing Bill died in committee.  It didn’t make the deadline to be heard on the Senate floor.  We look forward to 2019 when it will be reintroduced.  There is a silver lining in that Oregon riders got a hearing on the issue.  That is very good.  And riders have many in the Oregon Legislature who agree that Lane Sharing is a good thing.  We need to continue to educate our legislators and we need to work to turn around the nay-sayers (Portland Police, Oregon State Highway Patrol, Oregon Department of Transportation, AAA, Oregon Trucking Association, and the Governor’s Advisory Board on Motorcycle Safety).

In spite of studies that show lane splitting/sharing/filtering to be safer than not doing it on our highways, we cannot seem to convince an array of agencies this is the case. California and many European countries manage to lane split pretty well. We are so backed up here in the Portland Metro area of Portland (7th worst in USA according to Business Insider 3/1/17), that many riders may start lane sharing out of pure frustration. Kudos to Christopher Slater and the BikePac people for the great work they have done to push this bill forward.  The presentation they gave at the hearing was first class.  Thanks to all the riders that wrote letters to their Senators. No doubt BikePac and Christopher Slater will put forth this same exact same bill once again in 2019.