We are very happy to recognize Sam Hochberg who has done such great work for the last 20 years for the motorcycle community.  Sam has fought many legal battles on behalf of bikers and riders around the Northwest and more specifically in Oregon.  The stories he could tell!!  The dragons that were slayed!! Sam was the Oregon Confederation of Clubs’ AIM Attorney since the very beginning.  He has been pretty busy all these years because the assault upon biker’s and rider’s rights is never ending.

Sam has been with the OCOC dating back to October 1998 when it all started.  Even before then Sam was active in the motorcycle community.  Sam has been a long-time ABATE member as well and is well versed on biker rights issues.

We are thankful for Sam’s intelligence, his wit, his good humor, and his heart.  He has a heart for justice and making things right.  We cannot express our appreciation deeply enough.  Suffice it to say that Sam Hochberg will always have our respect.

At any rate, we are happy that Sam is enjoying life taking it easy and generally having a good time out there riding his Softail.  At the same time, we are sad to lose him.  But life must go on…

Adios, our friend.  We shall see you on the road and here and there.  Never far away but always close to our heart.