Oregon Congressmen and Congresswomen have not yet signed on to H. Res. 255 which addresses motorcycle profiling.  Targeting a motorcyclist because of their clothes, cut or motorcycle is discriminatory and needs public attention. 

So far there is bipartisan support with 136 House Representatives supporting this measure.  This Resolution has been Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Again, we have zero support from Oregon Congressmen and women at this point in time. 

You can call your Congressperson or go to this Motorcycle Riders Foundation link and send them a letter (very easy):

Oregon Congressional House Representatives

1st District  Suzanne Bonamici  (202) 225-0855

2nd District  Greg Walden (202) 225-6730

3rd District  Earl Blumeneaur (202) 225-4811

4th District  Peter DeFazio (202) 225-6416

5th District  Kurt Schraeder (202) 225-5711