Stop Report Form   Online form…If you have been stopped for any reason, feel as though you have been profiled, or feel as though there has been some type of discrimination against you because you are a biker or a motorcycle rider please fill out this form.  The information will be reviewed and someone will get back to you.  Collection and retention of this information is important for possible future legislation.

Refusal of Service Report Form  Online form…If you have been refused service by any business or have been refused public accommodation fill out this form and we will get back to you.  This information is needed for a Oregon legislative fix.

Limited Power of Attorney.pdf   Use this form in the instance a brother’s bike or other property is impounded and he cannot be available to retrieve his property.

Irrevocable Consent Agreement   This form is meant for club members to use to prevent p0lice confiscation of colors.

COC Poster 2016     Oregon COC Harassment/Discrimination Poster   This poster can be posted anywhere bikers congregate.  It is suggested the website address should be saved to your smart phone for easy access.

Discrimination on the basis of clothing, etc   Discrimination based on the wearing of clothing or club membership is illegal!

I Just Got Pulled Over!  A printable guide on what to do when you are stopped by the police.