Every biker and fair minded person in this great nation knows that this tragedy and travesty in Waco, Texas where 9 bikers were killed and 20 were injured stunk to high heaven.  With 177 bikers arrested and each one thrown in jail with a $1 Million dollar bond was over the top.  And then the very first trial the Waco prosecutor tried he could not get a conviction.  And that was to be his best case for a conviction – a slam dunk.  Bikers worked hard to elect Barry Johnson, a personal injury attorney.  No doubt the citizens of McLennan County had had it with District Attorney Abel Reyna.

A day prior to the election visiting Judge Doug Shaver scolded McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna:  “It has come to my attention the way you are running your political race, and there is a gag order in this court that you were not to discuss this type of thing outside the court,” Shaver told Reyna. “I don’t know if I can enforce that order since you have recused yourself at this time. I had no idea that you would use this case in your political ad.  “The way you have handled this case is absolutely shameful and misleading to the citizens of this county. So I know the election is tomorrow, and we can’t do anything about it up to this point. But you should be ashamed of yourself, and if I could enforce any of the gag order against you, I would and (would) put you in custody. But since I can’t, you are excused,” Shaver said.

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