Legislation addressing “gangs” in South Dakota is raising concerns among those in the motorcycle community as House Bill 1111 seeks to revise certain definitions regarding criminal street gang activity that some rider groups feel could target them.

“It jumped out at me that it’s basically a profiling bill.”, said Bryon Farmer, Chairman of the South Dakota Confederation of Clubs, who told KDLT News, “There are some good issues to trying to keep street gangs out of our communities and out of our state, that part I’m okay with.  It’s just the broad range of the way the bill is written, it could be used against way too many good groups that are out there.”

Motorcycle groups like ABATE of South Dakota are testifying in opposition of the bill they say targets them as gang members.  “It’s not just motorcyclists, it’s so broad that just about anybody that’s wearing similar shirts could be defined as a street gang.”, said Dave Brende, President of “Those Guys” ABATE Chapter.  “We don’t want to be lumped in as a street gang member, we do a lot of good for this community and so do all the other clubs and organizations.”

See link to the proposed legislative bill: