May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month as decreed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Once again, our friends with BikePac of Oregon hosted the Motorcycle Awareness Rally at the State Capitol on  Saturday, May 5th.  They have been doing this for a number of years now.  Much thanks to Doug Tiller, Executive Director of BikePac, Paula Leslie, the Legislative Director, Brian Stoval, Jonas Acres, and Mel Yeager.  Bruce Ankarberg, Chairman for the Oregon COC, officiated. And congratulations to them all as well because it was a really great rally this year.  A highlight was all the white helmets, 56 to be exact, that represented all riders we lost in 2017.  The helmets were lined up on the front steps of the State Capitol which was a powerful statement about motorcycle safety. 

All those helmets are a reminder for everyone – motorcyclists included to be very careful while on Oregon roads and highways. It was a sobering reminder that 56 families lost a loved one. And that loss extends beyond the loss to the families but also to friends, riding buddies, co-workers, and everyone else these people were in touch with.  Ride safe everyone – take care for approximately 60%-70% of riders typically cause their own death in some way. They do this by either by going off the road, missing a corner, going too fast for conditions, following too close, or riding under the influence of something. The other 30% are from car drivers, truck drivers, animals, equipment failures, etc. Hopefully, we have a much lower fatality rate in 2018 but already it seems we are off to a very rough start.

At any rate, it was a great rally and was very well done by the BikePac crew. Thanks you guys!