Dear FellowMotorcycle Rider,

Okay, if you missed donating to BikePac and getting the Oregon Tax Credit for 2018, no worries! You can donate now and take that credit for 2019. BikePac is working hard on your behalf. If things go right, we might even be able to pass legislation to make Lane Sharing legal in Oregon.

Lane Sharing is very possible in Oregon. Work is already underway to that end.  We do want to remind you that you can financially support BikePac of Oregon FOR FREE.  You have up to December 31st of this year to do so.

Donations to BikePac of Oregon qualify for a tax credit of up to $100.00. What this means if your Oregon Income Tax bill is $1,000, then $900 goes to Oregon and$100 goes to BikePac.   

Those who are single can take credit up to $50.00 and those filing jointly can take up to$100.00

Go to – they have a convenient “Donate” button on their website.

No point in letting Oregon waste all of your money.  At least some of it can go to protect your right to ride.


Over 40 Years of protecting our right to ride!

1977  –  Oregon’s mandatory helmet law is repealed. ABATE membership CAMPED OUT ON THE CAPITOL STEPS day and night during this time.  Our legislators overwhelmingly passed the repeal and it became law.

1979  –  ABATE of Oregon proposed the first rider safety program which was signed into law in 1981 and became Team Oregon. 

1988  – Helmet choice was again taken away through voter referendum during one of the lowest voter turnouts in Oregon history.

1988  – ABATE members form “BikePac” in order to have an official presence in the capitol.

1995  –  ABATE facilitates the passing of HB 3422 which redefines the Oregon definition of a “motorcycle helmet” and gets the penalty for not wearing a helmet reduced to a Class D misdemeanor. 

1997 –  HB 2454 allowing for adult freedom of choice helmet reform passes in both the House and the Senate, but is vetoed by Governor Kitzhaber.

1997 – Landmark federal court ruling that law enforcement cannot further inquire into whether a rider’s helmet meets so-called “federal testing standards” if it meets the Oregon helmet definition.

1999 –  REPEAL of the “handlebar height law” in Oregon.  Ape hangers are now legal with no restrictions.

2001 –  Oregon motorcyclists won the right to pump their own gas.  HB 3885 goes into law, which gives motorcyclists the choice of fueling their own bikes.

2001 – 2013:  EVERY legislative session, ABATE has introduced helmet freedom of choice legislation. In addition, we have passed or stifled laws pertaining to a wide variety of rider rights issues including: motorcycle sound and emissions, rider law enforcement harassments and profiling, legal firearm transportation clarity, ethanol gasoline usage, all-terrain vehicle laws, safety and training laws, and much more.  NOTE: BIKEPAC TRIED TO GET MANY BILLS THROUGH THE LEGISLATURE AND HAD A DIFFICULT TIME GETTING THEM OUT OF ANY COMMITTEE DURING THIS TIME.  WITH GOV. KITZHABER OUT OF OFFICE WE ARE FINALLY ABLE TO WORK WITH THE LEGISLATURE ONCE AGAIN .

2015 –  The “Dead Red” Light Bill  SB 533 passes!  Riders can now go through a red light after 1 cycle if one’s bike does not trigger the light.

2017 – HB 2598 “Driver Responsibility Law” passes – when a driver is determined to be reckless can be charged with vehicular assault and be a Class A Misdemeanor.  Driver can be put away for up to one year in prison and a maximum fine up to $6,250.